About Us

Got a utility bill thats too high? We’re happy to help! We prize each and every one of our clients, always acting in their interests. We assist with their growth, helping them to succeed. Our clients enjoy the lowest bills for all essential utility costs, not just business energy. In short, we give them a commercial advantage.

“To say that we were very pleased at the way that the whole service was carried out from start to finish is an understatement”​ Gary Sorsby, Graphics Arcitechural Services Ltd.

Businesses large and small can benefit from talking to us. We are more than happy to chat about their utilities. We can ensure the best rates and best terms in what can be a complicated market.

We don’t charge for our expertise and advice so you have nothing to lose except a great deal.

Businesses don’t need to be at the end of a contract for us to help. There are many ways we can reduce business overheads!

Moving premises? Our business movers service can arrange all your utilities to move or switch to lower cost alternatives with the minimum of paperwork and fuss.

“We search our extensive network to find you the best deal, saving you time and money.”

Energy B2B are business energy and telecom system brokers, committed to getting you a better deal on your everyday bills. Energy, communication and other everyday utility requirements.

We help you save wasting money by finding the best rates on:

 “We can manage all your essential utility contracts and seemlessly switch you on to a better deal.”

We also offer energy efficiency and thermographic site surveys. These are ideal for identifying areas in need of improvement and areas where energy is being wasted.